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Uroš Bogdanović, radio consultant and coach, media strategist, content creator, copy- and scriptwriter, expert in content marketing and promotions, communications and social media. In two words: multimedia creator.

I can help you to be better in many ways. I want you and your company to be remembered. In order to be remembered, you have to be different. The radio is my core field of interest. I also love football and basketball. There are many things about me I want you to know…but most important is here.

FYI (don’t tell anyone)

I am neither programmer, nor web designer, but I made this site all by myself. I like to have fun*!
*work is fun, if you love it. If you don’t enjoy at work, change something! Start with your boss.
If you want to raise your ratings, you have to improve many things. Sometimes, you just need to change tactics, not strategy. There is always some space left for improvements.
If you want epic campaign, you have to be brave. Sometimes, even balls of steel are needed. I can help.
You have to be different from others in order to be remembered. I can make you be different.
Uroš Bogdanović
Uroš Bogdanovićowner and creative director
KrAn studio, Zemun

What I do


That is why Beethoven composed epic music. He developed his own way to listen.

Listening is most important

I have to listen about you. About your needs. Your opinion about your competitors. I am good listener. And I can teach you to be a good listener. Read about advanced mind techniques I can offer.


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Sounds pretty cool for this statistic era we live in.

Research and analyse

Along with partner company, which collects and analyses data through market research projects and public opinion polls, we can conduct many researches for your company to see market potential, to check if your format fits, and variety of music tests.

We love to have complete image!


Well, I had this icon that looks nice, but i meant about the verb.

Start with your training today.

I train or coach both groups and individuals who want to be better in radio world. Take a look at “radio” page, and build better station right now.


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I breed green dragons. One can help you.

Advanced mind techniques

Our brains have two hemispheres, and most people don’t use any of them. The left-brain is more logic, analytic, linear, facts friendly, thinks in words, rational. The right-brain is for creativity, imagination, intuition, feelings, arts, rhythm, tune of songs and visualization. But if you learn how to use both, you will be better in many ways.


I love to deliver

Powerful content gives advantage!

I belive that everyone can be more-than-average content creator. It just takes time (and training as well) to become a superb content creator. Topic approach is very tough part of content creation. This is one of my favourite services I offer. Let’s create together.
“Don’t be boring!” V. Geller


You might forgot the password, but I can crack it!

Find and boost your potentials

Too few radio people have necessary knowledge and self confidence to make great show. Too few salesmen have enough self confidence. I am here to find your potentials and to boost them up!

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New ideas 100%
Terrorist attacks somewhere in the world (we cannot change it) 29%
Positive changes in your company 94%
Shit. It always happens. 100%
New chickenpox outbreak 15%
We will have fun 100%
Everything is shit. Forever!
Goran Mirković, AltusHost
Brains are awesome! I wish everybody had one!
House MD, Princeton-Plainsboro Teaching Hospital
Aaa-aaaa-aaah! Ummmmmh… Ooooh! YES! YES!! YES!!!
Jenna Jameson, actress
If you want to be the best, you must lose your mind!
Ski school, Movie
Another great quote for websites!
Unknown webmaster

If you are interested to work with me, drop me a line.

I will reply within 24 hours.

Some of the clients I work with

The most basic and powerful way to connect to another person is to listen. Just listen. Perhaps the most important thing we ever give each other is our attention.
Rachel Naomi Remen, Commonweal