1. Never reveal everything you know!

PRO (Power Radio Olympics) VICTORY

If you want to be the best, you must win the PRO.

DJ! There is no powerful radio without a good DJ. They are like shop windows – represent entire team in front of cruel audience. Good DJ needs attention, investments, patience…and many more. A good DJ is hard to find, and more difficult to train. There is no perfect DJ, like there is no perfect radio station. Today every station performs music tests; they research music in depth (wait, you don’t? contact me immediately!); And DJ brings advantage over competitors. Find good one, hire him and train him!
MUSIC! The human body consists of  60% of water, and music is even more for a radio station. If there were no water, no life would be possible. If there were no music, no radio station would exist. Music must be tested, well programmed, but music is not just statistics. You need to feel the music. You need to know what to test. If possible, frequent music testing is needed, but sometimes, there are no funds for that. In that case, there are several tools for cheap, but accurate music tests, with precise and relevant results.
CONTENT! Good content is worth gold! That gold is always remembered. Finding and choosing the topic is not powerful content. Reading portals, magazines and newspapers on-air is something that most of the average radio stations do. Powerful content must be different. Only powerful content will be talkabout. It refers to all spoken segments (info, entertainment, comedy, infotainment, etc.). How single topic becomes powerful content is special seminar.
SALES! There are a lot of stations that have awesome DJs, great music, powerful content, but less-than-average revenue. Income must be continuous and sales often need little green dragon who is always ready to sell commercials and to educate clients. Give them all tools they need to sell even their relatives if needed. Advanced mind techniques give advantage!
PRODUCTION! The last, but not least, audio production and program producers are connective tissue of all PRO rings. They help the DJ to be better, prepare music to sound better than competitors, produce best commercials. There is no power radio without power production!
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Radio is like a football (soccer) match. It must have a specific format. There is a field, with two goals, eleven players on each side, referees…that is format. In that format, the strategy and tactics are factors that bring victory. Strategy is, for example, 4-4-2 (goalkeeper, 4 players in defense, 4 midfielders, and 2 attacking). Tactics are short passes, offensive or defensive play. And in every game (ok, almost every, if they don’t play against Serbia), Germany wins. Why? Because they have everything for that format: superb connection between defense, midfield and attack. Players have both individual and team trainings. Only intensive training leads to championship victory. Radio championships don’t tolerate players out of practice.
Our brains have two hemispheres, the left one and the right one. Each of them has different characteristics. The left-brain is more logic, analytic, linear, facts friendly, thinks in words, rational. The right-brain is for creativity, imagination, intuition, feelings, arts, rhythm, tune of songs and visualization. Most of radio people don’t use either of them. But if you learn how to use both, you will be better in many ways. Advanced mind techniques teach you how to use both hemispheres. You will learn how to listen both listeners and clients. You will have better memory retention. They will be quite useful to educate clients, account managers, and they will help you to sell your ideas. They help in content creation.
There is no good company without good employees. A good employee is satisfied employee. Great team spirit can be built only with good employees. It is not always about the money. Maybe the toughest task is to create good team spirit. Radio is not just ordinary job, it must be passion 00-24.
I can hear you say this in your mind. Did you ever asked why? Maybe the revenue is not enough? Maybe the income would be higher if you had better program, better ratings and more listeners? Maybe the music is not as good as you think. At least, did you ask all consultants about services and prices?
You are right! You really don’t need consultants. I really like such competitors who don’t want second opinions. Really. Consultants are useless. Don’t hire any.
They are. If they don’t lead you to higher revenue, even one dollar spent for their service is too much. It is waste of money. A good consultant will pay himself in some decent time.

I have heard a good station somewhere abroad and I can copy/paste it all by myself

Go ahead, but consider going to and copy/paste some well-listened radio station. See you in a year or less. The consulting is not experience copypasting. It is not strict to do, and giving tasks to your team. It is bidirectional listening and understanding. Only together we can score. We can give each other answers on WHAT and HOW. Every single radio station must be unique project.