• Recruitment of new staff (complete HR)
  • Training of existing staff (unlock all of potential)
  • Workflow optimization
  • Rationalization of expenses
  • Advanced mind techniques implementation
  • Promotion and sales campaigns
  • OnAir and OffAir promotions
  • Music tuneUP
  • Content boostUP
  • Develop great shows
  • Brand positioning in a competitive market

Countless possibilities for our cooperation

  • I can offer tailor made cost effective marketing campaigns for almost any field of work. After listening to your needs and goals, you will have several suggestions with detailed explanations.
  • Writing scripts, slogans, copywriting, commercials
  • Communication training
  • Social networking campaigns
  • Photo, audio and video production
  • Aerial photo and video

…and many more.


Also, be sure to check who am I.

I can offer great variety of services for your company


There are many possibilities for our cooperation, if you are interested, please contact me.

As for radio, there are endless possibilities, starting from online classes, to the full service.


Along with partner research company, we can conduct almost any research you can imagine. We collect and analyze data through market research projects and public opinion polls. There are online tests, as well as telephone surveys. We recruit different target groups. At the moment we are developing complete new research method, which will be soon available.

Some of the clients I work with

Don’t be boring!

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