The emotent would be the God!

During the 2015. and 2016. we have discussed a lot about Storyselling, and now it is time to talk about EMOTENT.

But, before everything, let’s try to define what is CONTENT? I hear too often “Content is the king”, “Content is most important”. Way too often. Even when I am in the toilet. If I had only 10 cents every time I had heard that, I would buy a brand new car today.

Of course that content is most important. But we must agree that content can be good and it can suck.

Content marketing adds new value to product, it improves SEO, and in the end (or maybe in the forst place), it improves the selling. A good content gives better ratings in media. And that is the theory. What is the situation in real life?

I wouldn’t say so. We live in dynamic, fast world, often without time for consuming the long content, no matter how good it is.

Give me quick, clear, direct message! Recognize and define the need for something! (client’s, user’s, listeners’…)

Those are the sentences that I have heard during my long term practice in media/marketing world. Besides the content, there is one very important variable which should be considered – THE NEED.

Today, it is assumed that you must have the content! If I recognize/guess your need, and use the good content to deliver my message, what would make you decide to go for my product/service? Emotions. People are emotional beings. I have wrote about that topic earlier on my blog.

Not long time ago, I saw fantastic research about marketing. It showed that every day, we see more than 150 advertising messages only via our mobile devices. If we add ads offered to as by all traditional marketing channels (Radio, TV, Billboards, Magazines, Newspapers…) to that number, we easily come to number of 300. Our attention is attracted from everywhere, all the time. Even when we sleep, we sometimes dream messages.

We don’t remember those with good content. We remember those with emotional content. A stong smotion cannot be provoked with bad content, but that doesn’t mean that good content has emotional part. Relevant content can be long, possibly boring, not entertaining,…there are many examples of non-emotional good content.

The way we treat the content is the key to success.

The bond between the product/service and client/user/buyer is much stronger if a story that matters, that is relevant, contain parts that provoke strong emotions. That is EMOTENT. Emotions cannot be measured. They can be felt or not. EMOTENT brings the advantage!

If you use strong emotins in storytelling and storyselling, wou will win. And if you make great emotional story, and leave a place for the brand in the end, there is a danger that your brand will be forgotten, but story…remembered. The competition will use it against you for sure.

So, if the content was the king, the emotent would be the god!

As always, I would like to read you comments – leave them below, or drop me a line via contat page.

Here is the example of an ad with superbe EMOTENT. Research showed that this ad generated 36% better attention and 44% better likability than average for a toy ad. The content and emotions are aimed to all demographics. It delivers clear, strong, emotional message, and that is why it became worldwide viral.